Products for Enterprise

Aficionado Technologies is working with a number of enterprise partners to develop bespoke solutions which incorporate our key technologies.

We are working with clients on the following high level solutions:

* Internal competency directory

In large organisations, finding the right person in the right department at the right time is often difficult and time consuming, especially for new employees or employees who have moved departments. Our technology can automatically build a searchable store of employee profiles based on expertise and competencies and can automate the 'Anyone know who can help me with this problem?' process. This solution makes it easier for employees to connect and to understand the organisational structure, improves productivity and helps on boarding of new employees.

* Dynamic Q&A service

All large enterprises use internal messaging and social networking system, but the information that flows over them is not understood, managed or reused. With our technology, if a user has a question, instead of fishing for an answer with a broadcast to a large group, we route questions to best placed answerer (so as not to spam everyone). The returned answers are stored in a knowledge base and can be resurfaced when questions are repeated in the future. This solution captures the knowledge that is flowing across communication channels, helps retain that information and reduces repetitive queries.

* Team building application

Deciding who within the organisation is best placed to be part of a project team is a difficult challenge. We have developed a team building interface which assists a manager in choosing the most appropriate team members based on dimensions such as availability, competency and previous projects and teammates. This solution helps managers choose the right team for the client, choose the right team to work together, and choose the right team that will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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All enterprises are different, with different data stores and differing needs. We can develop a bespoke solution that is right for you, your employees and your organisation. If you are interested in learning how our technologies can leverage your internal knowledge sources, please get in contact with us today.